Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

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Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles

Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles is the official publication of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles. It was launched in 1977. The Journal of Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles aims at providing up-to-date research contents and news on cutting-edge technologies, as well as facilitating the interaction between academia worldwide and related industries, thereby enhancing the professional expertise of its members and contributing to the advancement of apparel.

• Frequency : issued six times a year

• ISSN : 1225-1151 (Print)/2234-0793 (Online)

• Year of Launching : 1997

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Current Issue
The Characteristics of Generation Z in the Creator Activities of Virgil Abloh
버질 아블로의 크리에이터 활동에 나타난 Z세대 특성

박세린 Serin Park , 박주희 Juhee Park

45(2) 217-232, 2021


A Study on the Ritual Process and Costume for a Coming-of-age Ceremony of Imperial Court in the Ming Dynasty -Incidentally Mentioning about ‘Yishanguan-Jiangshapao’ of Joseon Dynasty-
명대(明代) 황실 관례(冠禮)의 행례(行禮) 특성 및 신분별 관례복(冠禮服) 연구 -조선(朝鮮)의 ‘익선관강사포(翼善冠絳紗袍)’에 대한 논의를 겸하여-

溫少華 Shao Hua Wen , 최연우 Yeon Woo Choi

45(2) 233-252, 2021


A Study on the Wearing Status and Purchase Behavior of Sports Knee Braces
스포츠 무릎보호대의 착용 실태 및 구매 행동에 관한 연구

오희경 Hee Kyung Oh , 오경화 Kyung Wha Oh

45(2) 253-270, 2021


A Case Study on Design Classes using Blended Learning -Focused on Team Project and Smart Device App-based Learning-
혼합학습(Blended Learning)을 적용한 디자인 수업 실증사례 연구 -팀 프로젝트와 스마트디바이스 앱 기반 학습을 중심으로-

김진희 Jin Hee Kim , 김혜균 Hye Kyun Kim

45(2) 271-284, 2021


Analysis of Fashion News Based on News Value Assessment Criteria -Focused on Online Fashion News-
뉴스가치 평가 기준에 따른 패션 뉴스 분석 -온라인 패션 뉴스를 중심으로-

이지선 Jisun Lee , 전재훈 Jaehoon Chun

45(2) 285-304, 2021


Verification of Effectiveness of Wearing Compression Pants in Wearable Robot Based on Bio-signals
생체신호에 기반한 웨어러블 로봇 내 부분 압박 바지 착용 시 효과 검증

박소영 Soyoung Park , 이예진 Yejin Lee

45(2) 305-316, 2021


The Expressive Characteristics and Meanings of Modern in Fashion -Focusing on Vogue and The New York Times-
현대 패션에 나타난 모던의 표현특성과 의미 -보그와 뉴욕타임즈를 중심으로-

남혜진 Hyejin Nam , 하지수 Jisoo Ha

45(2) 317-334, 2021


The Effect of Fabric Movement on Wrinkle Recovery in a Clothing Care System
의류관리기 내 직물거동이 구김 제거에 미치는 영향

유동주 Dongjoo Yu , 윤주희 Juhee Yoon , 이상욱 Sang Wook Lee , 윤창상 Changsang Yun

45(2) 335-345, 2021


Artification of Luxury Fashion Products
럭셔리 패션제품의 아티피케이션 연구

범서희 Seohee Beom , 임은혁 Eunhyuk Yim

45(2) 346-355, 2021


An Exploratory Study on Makeup Rituals of Generation Z Consumers
Z세대 소비자의 화장 의례에 대한 탐색적 연구

이재경 Jaekyong Lee , 추호정 Ho Jung Choo , 윤남희 Namhee Yoon

45(2) 356-375, 2021